You know you were a 90s party child if…

laurajane021 February 22nd, 2017 3 Comments

You know your a 90’s Party Child when…

I was a 90’s party child and if I could have chosen any princess to go to my party when I was five it would have been Cinderella, mainly due to the fact that this was the only Disney VHS we had – aside from the jungle book. However, growing up in the 90’s (which I always think was just ten years ago – nope), princess visits, much to my dismay, did not exist – instead we had a variety of other party ideas…here are a few of my favourites below

My 90’s party memories:

  • All of your party songs were on tape! My mum had a whole party series on tape – Pirates, princesses everything (if you missed your favouite you couldn’t replay it for fear of rewinding back too far)!
  • You had a Spice girls themed party.  The guest list was always tricky for this one – I of course was Baby Spice!
  • Everyone had their party “frock” – not a dress a “frock” – big difference (mine was tartan – yes tartan).
  • Every party and birthday your friends bought you “Groovy Chick’ gifts!


  • You had a “Charlie Chalks” or a McDonalds party!
  • You had the ORIGINAL Trolls party.
  • Everyone couldn’t wait for Steps “5,6,7,8” to be played so they could do all of the “official” dance routine. (Likewise with “Saturday night!”)
  • A friend had a sleepover party and you got to watch “American” pie but you couldn’t tell your mum because it had swear words and rude bits (maybe this was just us me?)


  • One friend would buy you a BFF necklace but man was it a big descision who to give the other half too (and then of course after falling out with them you would ask for it back one week later).
  • You had Jelly and BLANCMONGE! I have not see Blancmange in years (thank goodness!).


  • The only people to dress up as characters were family members or guests!
  • Your mum hosted your whole party. Pass the parcel was life (I don’t think I even knew playcentres or entertainment companies exisited).
  • If a friend has a disco party they were really cool – only the cool kids had disco parties.
  • Party pictures would take forever because you had to wind the camera on (and no one knew what a selfie was!). Then you had to wait for them to be developed – yes kids – you had to wait to see what a picture looked like!
  • If a friend bought you gel pens they were BFF – gel pens were expenisve. If they were scented Gel pens – well that is friendship for life.
  • Popping candy and pixie sticks were key elements to creating a successful party bag!
  • For the first five years of your life it was mainly cousins, siblings and then random children your parents friends have that you now have as Facebook friends- even though you are pretty sure you haven’t spoken to them since your fifth birthday.
  • There was a lot of partying around a dining table – again maybe this was just me…

There are definitely a few more out there too! Let me know what you remember if you too were a 90’s party child or any decade for that matter! What were your best childhood party memories?

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  1. Sian says:

    I remember the charlie chalks parties, I also remember having a bombfire styled party in the cricket club where I had a princess and a disco in the main hall, I also remember them little parties at home and having sleeping beauty come around with the bunny.

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