Children’s Party Food – I love food!

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The Children’s party food challenge It’s party food time! I have been rather looking forward to writing about party food! I love food – love it. In particular I love party food – I really do believe it should be an official diet (maybe only on a Friday/Saturday) but what’s not to love! When we have a staff meeting we have a party food buffet (My strict no eating rules during parties are rewarded with this!). However as wonderful as food maybe which type of food is best for which type of party? Common food related questions may include: Is this too unhealthy? How many should I cater for? What will the other parents think if I serve certain foods? Will they eat a lot? Do children still like Cheese and Pineapple on sticks? (Yes – always yes to this question whether you are adult or child- I love cheese […]

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The “Shy” Party Child

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The "Shy" Party Child | NWC Parties

The “Shy” party child may seem an unusual topic for a blog post and unlike my other posts doesn’t offer advice on the Children’s party world.  Instead, it’s an observational post and I hope to offer a very simple view and explanation (hopefully coupled with some tips) for the child who just doesn’t like to party. Unlike the current world I live in, I was once a child who HATED children’s parties. I would not attend them, I would avoid them completely and if I was “forced” to go along by my mother I would be sick or sit with her the whole time refusing to join in. In fact, one of my earliest memories was being made to go as a clown to a disco party for a boy in my class, I stood by the table at the side and wouldn’t join the party – needless to say, we […]

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So, you are hosting your first kid’s party….

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So, you are hosting your first kid's party....| NWC Parties

So, you are hosting your first kid’s party….the first piece of advice I have – buy a nice bottle of wine to look forward to that evening. Preparation is key! Hosting your first party for your child can be a nerve-wracking experience.  I feel the only people who don’t dread it as much potentially are teachers – entertaining thirty children in a room does come naturally to them (speaking, as a daughter, of two teachers). However, for those to whom this is a new experience I have put together a few tips below to help you get through the hours before, during and after the party. Top tip one: Preparation is key however so is simplicity. If you are hosting for the first time maybe look to choose a leisure centre or a venue that supplies toddler toys, soft play and/or a bouncy castle – children will be happy to […]

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The Politics of Pass the Parcel

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The Politics of Pass the Parcel | NWC Parties

Possibly the most famous of all of the party games. Read on as I attempt to break down “The Politics of Pass the Parcel” – loved by children and loathed by many parents. Why, you ask?  It’s merely passing a wrapped present around a circle? Simple! Oh no, it is so much more– in truth, pass the parcel is a game of quick wit, negotiation, tactics, cunning, tears and of course tantrums. How can we avoid this I hear you cry? Let me tell you…. The perfect parcel No one loves an anti-climax – no one, thus selecting the perfect gift for the centre of a pass the parcel can be a challenge. I tend to select two small gifts (from Poundland or any pound shop) that are easy to wrap and look good! Combine this with three packets of sweets (the optimum number in my experience as the children […]

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5 Top Tips – Birthday Parties on a Budget

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Birthday Parties on a Budget | NWC Parties

When I was little Mum hosted each and every birthday party which inspired me to write; “5 Top Tips – Birthday Parties on a Budget”. Being one of four children – there were a lot to host. Did we ever have huge parties? Nope. Did we ever have other entertainers in – Nope. Did we love them – DID WE EVER!!! I remember so many of our party themes from when we were little – My Barbie party, Rachel’s 101 Dalmatians party, bug parties, horse-riding parties (we went to the centre and finished at the house), football parties, pirate parties (which I remember vividly as I had broken my arm the night before said party – and was completely devastated to discover all of these people in my living room when I got home…I was an extremely dramatic six-year-old.). I learnt to form the best – thank you mum, and […]

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Part two – the creation of NWC Parties

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Part two - the creation of NWC Parties

Part two – the creation of NWC Parties; thank you for sticking around for the second half!  If you have booked with us or had a visit you will have, at some point, I am sure spoken with me, sang with me, had a selfie with me or potentially danced with me (it has been known) as many various characters over the past four years – see image above! NWC Parties was originally created in February 2012 with just me, my speaker and an abundance of enthusiastic Pop Star Party children – my original and first party theme! The parties came about with an idea from my Uncle (who still likes to take credit for the conception of NWC and protests he is still waiting on his royalties cheque, which is lost in the post 😉 ) and it simply grew from there… My very first Princess party for Esme […]

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Party host behind the presents

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Welcome to “Party Host behind the Presents” blog – an introduction to myself and NWC Parties. My name is Laura, I am the owner and generally extremely enthusiastic lady behind NWC Parties. I thought it would be exciting for you in our first Blog on our brand new website, to know just who the “Party Host behind the Presents”, is!

This blog will also allow me the opportunity to share my stories, trials, tribulations and a mountain of fabulous advice that I have been fortunate enough to gain over the twelve years that I have worked in the children’s party entertainment industry.


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