Part two – the creation of NWC Parties

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Part two - the creation of NWC Parties

Part two – the creation of NWC Parties; thank you for sticking around for the second half!  If you have booked with us or had a visit you will have, at some point, I am sure spoken with me, sang with me, had a selfie with me or potentially danced with me (it has been known) as many various characters over the past four years – see image above!

NWC Parties was originally created in February 2012 with just me, my speaker and an abundance of enthusiastic Pop Star Party children – my original and first party theme! The parties came about with an idea from my Uncle (who still likes to take credit for the conception of NWC and protests he is still waiting on his royalties cheque, which is lost in the post 😉 ) and it simply grew from there…

My very first Princess party for Esme was one of the most nerve-wracking experiences – a wonderful group of children, who I have visited many times since and who I was completely convinced (having just painted all of their faces as myself) would call me out on not being the real Cinderella! However, this was not to be the case as I discovered when one of the little girls (Thea) explained very excitedly to “Cinderella” that the lady who was here before her had painted her face and what did I (Cinderella) think of it!

A precious moment – that I would soon learn would make every element of my job the best job EVER!

From that point on Cinderella and Tink visited lots of little girls and partied with lots of little princesses until suddenly in March 2014 we had a request…for a Snow Queen?!? Having missed the film I rapidly caught up on the premise of this film Frozen?! which I had assumed would pass by quickly (HA!). My first costume arrived (a lovely prom dress from a sixteen-year-old) and my mum was my assistant and off we went to Amber’s Party! Frozen a passing theme….oh how wrong I was…A Snow Queen was born and from then on – thanks to a wonderful and supportive fabulous base – we flew!!!

I was also fortunate to have the opportunity to grow my other businesses – my Zumbini, Zumba, Performing Arts Classes – all whilst getting to dress as a Princess on the weekend too (A fitness instructor/actor by week and a princess on the weekends – talk about a double life)

I am now predominantly based between Wrexham and Manchester (I like to say I am based on the M56 motorway). We have grown (and I use “we” as we are a team who have grown together) and I now have the pleasure of working alongside the most wonderful performers. Each of whom – as well as being extremely talented – are the most lovely and genuine people you could wish for. We aren’t a huge team – we are a bespoke team. We don’t expand and expand because when you sprinkle fairy dust too thinly the magic just doesn’t work as well.

We love what we do – we aim to provide the best service you could want and we love to make dreams come true and will endeavour to do so for a long time to come (or for as long as my anti-aging routine works ;-))

Here’s to an exciting and jam packed future for NWC Parties!

Our next Blog – “Bargain Birthday’s on a budget” is inspired by my Mother – the real original party host of the family (seriously her themes were amazing!!).

I look forward to sharing our tips and tricks with you!


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