What people say when I tell them about my job

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What people say when I tell them about my job.

When I set up North Wales Children’s parties I never envisaged the wonderful life and work it would lead to. No I am not basking in riches or holidaying in five star hotels but I am able to wake up everyday excited for my work and excited for what the future holds – this in itself is great gift. However there can be some interesting reactions when I tell people about my job.

Encompassing what I do into a small blurb or explaining to people briefly about my job and work can prove problematic…and can end up long winded. Anyone who knows me well will know that I can talk (and struggle to shut up!) but in particular I love to talk about my job(s).

Maybe I need a new description – thoughts?

I recently noted that I may need to alter my initial explanation of “I am a princess” when the lady I sat next on a plane coming home from holiday was bitterly disappointed to find I wasn’t actually related to the Queen but as she put it “oh, so you just dress up as a Princess?”. Which yes I guess is what I do for the most part (currently sat a Alice in Wonderland whilst writing this), however I always feel what I do is more than that. I think any “character performer” will agree that we lead a unique life (that is most definitely not for everyone) but is so much more than just dressing up.

To me it is about creating a world of (to quote Willy Wonker) “Pure imagination”. To think quickly on the spot and answer any questions or react to any information that the children say. It is the ability to learn and play, have fun and loose the self-conscious attributes that we as adults develop and can not shake. When you have jumped and twirled dressed in a ball gown in front of 30 children and parents Karaoke on a Saturday night no longer feels so daunting.

My work takes on many shapes and forms and as my good friend Sue would say I wear many hats. First and foremost though and what will I will carry with me forever (even when I age too much to be Queen Elsa) is that loving what you do, connecting with your imagination, creativity and having as much fun as you possibly can is the best job in the world. I will forever be enthusiastic about all that I do, but I will always feel we all do more than “just dressing up”. You never pay for the costume and the person you pay for the not only the training they have had, the love they have for their job, their time, their energy, their enthusiasm and but most of all the joy that the children experience stepping into a world of “Pure imagination”.


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