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Party host behind the presents

laurajane021 June 29th, 2016 No Comments

Welcome to, Party Host behind the Presents, blog – an introduction to myself and NWC Parties. My name is Laura, I am the owner and generally extremely enthusiastic lady behind NWC Parties. I thought it would be exciting for you in our first Blog on our brand new website, to know just who the, Party Host behind the Presents, is!

This blog will also allow me the opportunity to share my stories, trials, tribulations and a mountain of fabulous advice that I have been fortunate enough to gain over the twelve years that I have worked in the children’s party entertainment industry.

Where to start….

Twelve years seems like an awful long time and I imagine you are saying; “Twelve years, she only looks eighteen.” You are much too kind. It is true I have been fortunate enough to do this job since I was fourteen. Granted at fourteen I did not run my own business, although not for lack of trying and for the gift of a twelve year old brother who assured me if I sold apple sticks at 20p but bought them at 10p I would indeed be a millionaire. This was not (shockingly) the case and I soon had to relent and take a Saturday job (sourced of course by my Mother).

I began working at Jolly Jungle Children’s Play Centre in Wrexham – I LOVED it. From the off it was everything I love; high energy, child centred, fun and allowed me to be as dramatic as I liked! It provided me with constant amusement – I mean how can you ever be bored? (Sooo many mums disagreeing with me now…and uttering the words – “you try going there four times a week..”) I can imagine from the other side; the noise, screams, constant laughter and wailing would be extremely tedious. However, from a fourteen year old girls perspective who is getting paid the big bucks to be there (£3.75 per hour #livingthedream) whilst friends had paper rounds (I also had one – I have a rather determined Mother!), it was pretty awesome!

I worked constantly throughout the four years (pre-university), not only at Jolly Jungle but also in an after-school club, as a football manager, a waitress and I performed at every and all opportunities. After four years of part-time experience at JJ I moved on to Rascals Play Centre in Preston whilst at university. Reflecting on this as an adult, I now understand why the “Griffiths” family were not invited to a great deal of parties – we like to perform too much and I have three siblings; that’s a lot of mouths to feed. (My “Inviting the Siblings” party blog in September will reflect on this further).

At the age of eighteen, I filled in my application to become a Primary School Teacher, then on hearing about all of the paperwork, I swiftly filled out my application to become an Actor- the BEST decision I have made! Such a great choice, in fact, that my sister wanted to follow in my footsteps recently completing her Acting with Stage-Combat Degree. She says I’m the inspiration for her path in life and one day she hopes to be just like me (Rachel that sentence is especially for you ;-)).

I went to the University of Central Lancashire to Study Acting in 2007; the most amazing three years – a fantastic course, fantastic people (some of whom you may have had the pleasure of partying with since…) and an amazing learning experience that provided me with so many of the skills I believe have helped my business to succeed and flourish. Most definitely gave the improvisation skills to answer; “Queen Elsa, if it was you against the Hulk…who would win?”. I’ll leave that one up to you…

What’s Next?

Now I could go into more depth here about the raucous university Karaoke that provided the musical coaching and preparation for “Let it Go” or the Uni Dance off that taught me so many moves that our Princesses now “bust” in a party – but I feel that maybe for another week. The start of NWC Parties journey will follow shortly – it’s a good one (I promise!) and I can’t wait to share it with you!


Thank you for reading and please do download my free E-book “Five tips for a stress free kids party”

(and I know you think you may have guessed the first one – but no – it is not wine ;-)).

Lots of Love.
Laura x

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