Top Ten kids disco songs that we still LOVE!

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Top ten songs that we still love may differ from person to person. Infant I probably should have gone with “I still Love”. Furthermore I am sure our parents would have their own version of this list – that they felt we should know. However, I can’t help feeling that as a child of the 90’s / 00’s we really did have some of the best highschool disco party tracks. We were the generation of cheesy pop and I do feel that today cheesy pop is substantially lacking. So I have compiled a list (with a little help from some friends too) of my “Top Ten School Disco songs that we still love!     1.Saturday Night Who didn’t love this song?!? Even if you play the music now and the routine just happens naturally – where we store it in our brain I will never know but it is […]

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Top Children’s Party Themes 2017

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Top Children’s Party Themes 2017 After the success of Frozen in 2013 the children’s party industry has exploded! With new companies, themes and ideas being launched all the time it’s hard to know where to turn with planning your child’s party and also avoid the same themes multiple times! To help you on this treacherous journey of changing minds, themes, ideas and trends I have put together my Five Top Children’s Party themes for 2017. Little Mix Parties: Who would have known a manufactured girl group from the Xfactor would see such continued success? With no signs of them lessening in popularity anytime soon Little mix parties are becoming more and more popular with the girls (specifically 5 to 9). “Shout our to my ex” being one of the most requested party songs this year! Honestly that is the only reason I know all of the words…honestly… Arty and Crafty […]

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Parents and Birthday parties

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Parents and Birthday parties Let me start this post by saying I don’t have children so as much as I can comment on this subject from an entertainers view it will not be applicable to everyones dynamics and parenting style. Parents at Birthday parties can be a very grey subject area. Children all mature differently and some will be ready to go it alone sooner than others but it there really a rule for when you should first leave your child at a party? Likewise hosting a birthday party for a parent can be busy, stressful and overwhelming and what can add to this is thirty plus parents standing around or crowding up a space. So how can this be combatted from both the hosts and the parents side. I have put together my top five questions and answers below which I hope will help! What age should I first leave […]

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What people say when I tell them about my job

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What people say when I tell them about my job. When I set up North Wales Children’s parties I never envisaged the wonderful life and work it would lead to. No I am not basking in riches or holidaying in five star hotels but I am able to wake up everyday excited for my work and excited for what the future holds – this in itself is great gift. However there can be some interesting reactions when I tell people about my job. Encompassing what I do into a small blurb or explaining to people briefly about my job and work can prove problematic…and can end up long winded. Anyone who knows me well will know that I can talk (and struggle to shut up!) but in particular I love to talk about my job(s). Maybe I need a new description – thoughts? I recently noted that I may need […]

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Five things to think about when booking a children’s party venue

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Five things to think about when booking a party venue. Booking a party venue is one of the first things to do when you are hosting a children’s party. It may seem like a simple task however finding a venue that is available plus suits all of your needs can prove problematic as venues can book up very quickly! Due to this sometimes there is no room to be fussy however if you can be here are my five top things to think about when booking a party venue: 1: Have FIVE venues in mind! This may seem like a lot but I would suggest keeping a bank of contact details for venues that you have vetted throughout the year. Maybe look at one leisure centre, two community centres and two church halls and have all of their details saved and ready to go when party season hits! 2: Parking […]

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My Top Five Fun Children’s Party Games

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My Top Five Fun Children’s Party Games Sick of musical statues and musical bumps? Need more inclusive party games that can be tailored to any children’s party theme? Simple but effective my top five fun children’s party games will keep both parents and children happy. They are easy to lead and inclusive for all. So if you are struggling to think up what to play in your party read on… 1 . Grandma’s footsteps I love this game it allows all of the children to play with no one having to sit out if they loose. Simply have all of the children line up at one end of the room, you or the birthday child go to the other end of the room and they have to tip toe over to try and get the prize behind you. They will love it! 2. Pass the parcel – the sing along […]

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What do you do when your child hates to lose?

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What do you do when you child hates to lose? Winning and losing is an enevitable part of the party life and party games can be really hard for a child who hates to lose. They can be hard for adults who hate to lose – although drinking games, of course, can have much worse consequences. From what I can remember I wasn’t great at losing. I wasn’t an outward crier much more of an internal “I must beat them next time no matter what” kind of child. My earliest memories are in fact of when I did not win in sport. I have always been extremely competetive and for this reason winning and losing have been paramount in my life (I played every sport I could). I may seem quite hard during parties when a child comes up to me crying because they haven’t won. Usually I open with […]

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Do we love Disney for it’s live action remakes?

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Do we love Disney for it’s live action remakes? Do we love Disney for it’s live action remakes? Is a question I have been toying with. They started off small (in my opinion) with Alice in Wonderland (2010) (although I would argue 101 Dalmations was their original live action) and now have everyone waiting with bated breath for Beauty and the Beast which is set to hit cinema’s this month. Am I excited for it? I’m honestly not sure. I enjoyed the live action Cinderella and although I wasn’t one hundred percent sold on the casting (or changing Cinderella’s final dress), Cate Blanchett ,I do feel, made a fantastic wicked step mother! However with Beauty and the Beast I am extremely unsure of what to expect from the film. In the trailers Emma Watson’s portrayle is looking to be quite different to the Belle that we know and love however […]

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Siblings at Birthday Parties

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Siblings at Birthday Parties is always going to be a challenge and a difficult (sometimes awkward subject) to broach. Well let me start by saying I am one of four children with two years between each of us. When we were growing up I remember saying to my mum “Mum we don’t get invited to a lot of weddings or parties”, It is only now as an adult that I understand the reasons behind (or what I like to think are the reasons behind) the lack of invitations. Parties are stressful events, there is the venue to sort, the invitations, the food, the entertainment, party bags, cake – I could go on, but what is even more stressful is if you design all of the above for a certain number and then someone turns up with three extra from their house all ready to join in. Here are my top […]

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You know you were a 90s party child if…

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You know your a 90’s Party Child when… I was a 90’s party child and if I could have chosen any princess to go to my party when I was five it would have been Cinderella, mainly due to the fact that this was the only Disney VHS we had – aside from the jungle book. However, growing up in the 90’s (which I always think was just ten years ago – nope), princess visits, much to my dismay, did not exist – instead we had a variety of other party ideas…here are a few of my favourites below My 90’s party memories:

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